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CooperSurgical Fertility & Genomic Solutions

CooperSurgical Fertility and Genomic Solutions is the global leader in IVF and reproductive genetics, providing innovative products and services for every step in the ART journey. Building on the high-quality reputation of our legacy companies ORIGIO, SAGE, Humagen, The Pipette Company (TPC), K-Systems, Research Instruments (RI), Wallace®, LifeGlobal® and CooperGenomicsSM, we provide a trusted system of consumables, equipment, technologies and genetic testing for the complete.

With an unmatched product breadth, scientific knowledge and geographical reach, our approach opens the door to extensive partnership possibilities for the future through tailored product solutions, world-class evidence-based training, and organizing expert-led workshops.



Theramex is a new global women’s healthcare company that provides innovative, effective and safe solutions that care for and support women at every stage of their life. Theramex has an established portfolio offering a wide range of clinically proven prescription products covering 4 clinical areas: contraception, fertility, menopause, osteoporosis. Theramex has the mission of becoming a lifetime partner for women and for the healthcare professionals who treat them.

HQ UK Limited
Sloane Square House, 1st Floor
1 Holbein Place, Belgravia
London, SW1W 8NS
Web: www.Theramex.com



110 Windmill Road, Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex, TW16 7HD, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1932 755000; Fax: +44 1932 755001; Email: enquiries@planer.com; website: www.planer.com

Planer are dedicated to using our years of expertise and experience in environmental temperature control and the management of cells to develop and manufacture pioneering, high quality, innovative laboratory equipment to assist embryologists to preserve, protect and nurture the various cells used in ART. The Planer Kryo 360 freezer has been at the forefront of the development of cryopreservation of ovarian tissue leading to over 100 births globally from this technique. Giving women around the world another option for fertility preservation.

Our product range currently includes controlled rate freezers, benchtop incubators, laboratory alarm & monitoring systems, sample tracking software and cryostorage vessels.